Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oh, Glory Days

Ville bare dele med dere blogginnlegget jeg skrev på "The Doctors" (TV-serien) sine community sider tidligere idag.

"First of all, I’ve got a new job; at a small local combination library (part school library, part public library). I’ve been working there since March and I really love the place, even though some of the kids haven’t heard of indoor voice and can be a BIT loud which can stress me out a bit. In general terms, I really like me there, with nice colleagues and as a book worm, it’s the perfect place for me.

When it comes to my health, I’m in line for a “shrink” to evaluate me further when it comes to Aspergers and ADD. The annoying part is that it is six months waiting time, maybe more or less, depending on the schedule. Hurray for the Norwegian health care system. It is kind of a relief to get more evaluations, apart from those pesky tests which drain me of energy. Perhaps I even get some help with my messed up sleep. It’s okay to hope.

I got quite a bummer when I went on the scale a few days back and realized I’ve gained about 44 pounds over the last four years (see the irony in the digits), from a decent 154 pounds/70 kilos to just below 200 pounds mark at 198 pounds/90 kilos. It’s not that I’m necessarily mortally obese, but I still have a few pounds to get rid of. I know that there are probably many that would love to be under the 200 mark, but for me it’s a big weight gain. I’m just afraid that the stress-related bulimia I had earlier would come back as a get-thin-bulimia. I feel that I need some back up, that I find difficult to find.

 I know my mind is messed up big time with Aspergers and ADD as a major with stress-related bulimia and depression playing minor re-occurring roles in my life. What the *biip* should I do, except for getting some way of pro help?"

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